Driver Program

Chippewa County
Barron County
Rusk County
Washburn County
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Jackson County

Wisconsin state law requires those with an OWI or implied consent refusal to complete an assessment and a driver safety plan in order to obtain and maintain a driver's license.

The Assessment

The assessment appointment consists of an interview with a state of Wisconsin-trained IDP assessor. The appointment normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. In some cases, a second visit or permission to contact a family member or other person will be required. All information is kept strictly confidential.

The Driver Safety Plan

The assessment will result in the development of a driver safety plan — a program to reduce the risk of another OWI. Community Counseling Services monitors compliance in the program and files noncompliance and completion reports as needed.

Schedule an Assessment Appointment

Your Information

Do you live in Chippewa, Barron, Rusk, Washburn, Price, or Jackson county?

Your Payment

Assessment Fee $275

The Requirements

You may be responsible for the following fees:

  • The assessment fee is $275. If a refund is requested, there will be a $25 handling fee.
  • Failure to appear for the assessment or give a 24-hour notice, will result in a $100 rescheduling fee.
  • Failure to comply with the driver safety plan may result in a report of noncompliance forwarded to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. This could result in the indefinite suspension of driving privileges. Community Counseling Services will charge $50 to remove the noncompliance and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation may charge up to $200 to reinstate the driver's license.
  • There is a $50 fee to amend the assessment for failing to disclose a complete legal history.
  • There is a $50 fee to extend a driver safety plan.

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